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photoblog image Watch Me,Am Gonna Be Great
Just decided to take a break from my Waterwall series for a change.Although this was taken @ the waterwall as well.

The little Zidane is starting @ a pretty young age,don't be surprise if you see him playing @the world cup in 2022.

This is also a typical example of a dad bonding with his son.Do you agree to the term that bonding with ur kids when they r young make them tell u everything and also come to u when they r in trouble?Let me know ur views on this issue.
barbara from Great Britain (UK) 16 Jul 2006, 11:55
Dad bonding with son?..no brainer...has to be done!
Naijabloke: Thx for coming thru ..

Idefix from Germany 16 Jul 2006, 13:20
nice - I love the feel and the interaction, not 100 % convinced by the execution, could be a little brighter and a little sharper, but I still like it.
I always felt a bit protective of my mother, unless there was no option I was quite happy to not bother her with my issues, and worked on a "need to know basis" - she didn't NEED to know everything by a long shot ....
Naijabloke: Idefix seems we have the same issues ..always protective of my mum,try not to bother her abt anything.Luv her to death,but she knows I will only tell her what I want her to know.

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àsìkò from United Kingdom 17 Jul 2006, 09:38
very cute
Naijabloke: Yes o..the lil' guy was just enjoting himself even though the soccer ball is bigger than him.

must fill in
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